BENYI is Japanese style SPA could awaken the healing ability of the body, exuding nature, health and beauty.
Detoxify lymph with gold foil
60 minutes 688 yuan. (No tax)
A luxurious gold cream, using the secret medicine with longevity function and gold foil process, is aimed at the wrinkles, dark and loose skins around the eyes. When pure gold cream is used, carefully stimulate the acupoint while tighten up your skins and carry out the lymph massage. This therapy will not only moisturize and tighten up your skins, but also it will promote blood circulation, eliminate fatigue, and activate the overall health of the body.
Samurai nursing of lifting the eye skin
60 minutes 668 yuan. (No tax )
With the selected eye essence made by pure plant without any irritation, it can improve the dark skin caused by obstructed blood circulation, stimulate cell vitality, prevent skin aging, reduce wrinkles, relieve eye swelling, reduce poor sleep and make the eyes recover its moisture and brightness, showing your eye charm again!
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