BENYI is Japanese style SPA could awaken the healing ability of the body, exuding nature, health and beauty.
Nursing Kidney with Bamboo
90 minutes 888 yuan. (No tax)
With the careful selected green bamboos prayed by health and longevity, this massage is used for kidney nursing. Aiming at waist kidney, lower abdomen and the inner part of thigh, it can adjust qi and blood circulation with the rhythm of green bamboos. Through warming up the kidney qi from point and surface, it can promote blood circulation, improve coldness of hands and feet, strengthen sexual function, eliminate your fatigue and help your body and mind feel relaxed.
Nursing the buttocks by grinding
90 minutes 988 yuan. (No tax)
This therapy uses sea salt containing large amount of minerals and honey salts mixed with honey. Aiming at the acupoints of buttock, intestinal tract inside the stomach, calf and groin of the inner thigh artery, it can dredge meridians by comfortable technique, promote the circulation of qi and blood, expel garbage and toxins inside the body caused by sitting for a long time, so as to relieve the pain of waist and legs as well as sciatic nerve pain, improve the problems related with the prostate and reproductive system, and keep a healthy body. The starting and ending point of qi and blood are inside the head. Head therapy can realize the functions including refreshing yourself, activating blood circulation, improving the microcirculation of the head, making the qi and blood unobstructed inside the head, soothing the mood, calming the mind and helping to improve sleep quality. It can also gradually improve the blood circulation inside the head, mediate the balance of Yin and Yang inside the head, and quickly help customers recover their energy.
Fragrance nursing promotes hormone secretion
90 minutes 1088 yuan. (No tax)
With selected rare camellia oil, adding luxury gold foil, and mixed with the aroma of natural plants,"BENYI Luxury Care Essential Oil" is carefully made. It can clean the faces with the unique Japanese exquisite technique like running water, relieve optic nerve fatigue by the hot compress of eye mask , relieve head pressure, detoxify the chest lymph, and care the intestine and stomach, focusing on the massage of the groins in buttocks and abdomen to stimulate hormone secretion, improve sexual capacity, so the body and mind will be surrounded by aroma and be deeply relaxed and healed.
Ore dopamine
150 minutes 1998 yuan. (No tax)
Ore dopamine therapy is a three-in-one full body nursing including “BENYI”nursing Kidney with Bamboo, nursing the buttocks by grinding, and fragrance hormone nursing. Using warmed Japanese lava and basalt, it conducts the mysterious ore dopamine massage for whole body (including acupoints of head, shoulder, neck, chest, abdomen, back, waist, kidney, buttocks and inguinal as well as lymphatic detoxification of inner thigh) in combination with the skillful and delicate technique of Japanese style. It could conduct the nursing care of the whole body meridian, effectively promote lymphoid detoxification, skin refreshing and secretion of human hormones, improve sexual ability, rebuild healthy body, recover the body function and awaken the young vitality!
Two physiotherapists care for you at the same time
70 minutes 888 yuan. (No tax)
According to the customer's breath, 2 therapists tacitly cooperate to carry on the synchronous massage. If the usual massage cannot satisfy you, or the muscles are particularly stiff and stubborn, we will give you a deep and full soothing massage. It will not only make you lost in the course of surprise and touching, but also make your body refreshed, so that your physical strength and energy could have a rapid recovery.
Light extravagance and simplicity
60 minutes 468 yuan. (No tax)
Natural, non-stimulating essential oils are used together with the traditional and exquisite technique and stretch method of pure Japanese style to make the skin nourishing and improve the skin quality so that the skin becomes smooth, tender and elastic, which can help you enjoy yourself, eliminate your fatigue and experience the physical and mental joy.
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