BENYI is Japanese style SPA could awaken the healing ability of the body, exuding nature, health and beauty.
The acme vitality massage
120 minutes 2588 yuan. (No tax)
Characteristic project:Sleep、meridian、vein
Side lying wave-like massage
90 minutes 1588 yuan. (No tax)
Characteristic project:kneeling service、Side lying、baby's touch
Japanese Green Bamboo Kidney care
90 minutes 880 yuan. (No tax)
For the location:Waist kidney、abdomen、Legs
apanese Hip scrub care
90 minutes 988 yuan. (No tax)
For the location:The back、hip、abdomen、Legs
Japanese aroma hormone therapy
90 minutes 1088 yuan. (No tax)
For the location:The head、Shoulder neck、abdomen、Legs
Japanese Affordable Luxury
60 minutes 468 yuan. (No tax)
For the location:Shoulder neck、abdomen、The back
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